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3 weeks ago

Fairness in foreclosure sales. - Free Online Library

In early 1993, Getting Down to Cases described a case where a mistake which was made in a foreclosure sale was later rectified by the court. The discussion of that case, Crossland Mortgage Corp. v. Frankel, reported in the New York Law Journal on October 1, 1992, dealt with an error which occurred at the foreclosure sale resulting from the bank's representative failing to make a bid in accordance to his instructions.

3 weeks ago

Short-Sale Questions Answered

Well, buying or selling a house can be very confusing. Especially right now with terms like foreclosure and short sale flying around but it can be a whole lot easier if you have a professional realtor to help you.

A short sale is when we convince the bank to take less for the house than what is actually owed on the home. I read yesterday that 3.5 million people are 90 days or longer behind on their mortgage payment. So it is an issue that is really prevalent out there shortsale and people need to go ahead and face that reality if that's their situation.

A foreclsore is not what you want to experience. A foreclosure is when the bank takes ownership of the property. There's a big difference in the ramifications of a shortsale vs. a foreclosure as far as your credit is concerned. A short sale will only affect your credit for about 18 months to 2 years. Where as a foreclosure were looking at as much as ten years that you can't buy another home and your credit score is affected by 200 points.

So if a homeowner is looking at this bleak financial situation and trying to make a decision of what's best for them. How do they know?

Well, anybody that can see themselves not being able to make their payment s in the next short term will qualify for a shortsale as far as most banks are concerned. What they absolutely do not want to do is just walk away from the home or the situation and pretend that it doesn't exist because property and homes for sale eventually (it takes about 6 months to a year) but eventually that bank will foreclose on the property.

So if you're on the flip side of that and you're looking to buy a house, is it a good time to kind of be looking out for those situations because you can get a good deal?

It really is. Unfortunately on the other side it's a great time to buy a home. It's a lousy time to sell but it's a great time to buy a home. Ya know, everything's on sale out there right now.

Well, what we've recognized is that homes aren't selling out there but if they're priced correctly. And the best thing you can do to get your house sold is to position your sales price so it's more competitive with the banks and the short sales going on there.

Again, homes are selling out there but they have to be priced correctly. Price is the biggest issue that anybody can address out there and by lowering their price that much, were able to give people an advantage in the marketplace that others may not have.

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2 months ago

The Rising Trend Of Do-it-yourself

Within discover here the last few years, America has become a do-it-yourself type of country. From television to books to magazines, the people in the U.S. have decided to help themselves with the projects that need to be done at home instead of hiring someone to do it for them. The reasons for becoming a "do-it-yourselfer" are many and people have found that DIY is the answer to many issues. Taking on a project at home yourself can be very advantageous. Many people do DIY to save money by tackling household projects. Some "do-it yourselfers" are such because it helps them to be able to flip houses, a popular way to make money,

2 months ago

All About DIY Home Improvement

When it comes time to finally sit down and take a long hard look at what needs to be done in and around your home, it is only natural to begin to think about the price that it home improvement ideas kitchen all will cost you. But if you are looking more towards diy home improvement, chances are you are going to save a lot more money then you would if you were to hire a handy man. Although the thought of saving money can be an exciting one for most people, diy home improvement can be scary, especially if you have never done a particular project before.

There are many books, Internet articles, magazines and even television shows that showcase or concentrate solely on diy home improvement. This kind of help is second best only to being shown hands on. Many people tune in every week for shows that view different homes and different projects being done all of which is diy home improvement. This reality shows are gaining popularity extremely fast and it is only a matter of time before another one comes on air.

The Cost of Being Hands on

One of the few downfalls that diy home improvement has is that for certain projects, you could be spending a lot of time working which could mean less time you have for family and friends. Although, some see it as worth it in the end, because the money that home renovation ideas on a budget can be saved by doing a little diy home improvement can be spent on a family vacation, or for a pool for the backyard. Also, you want to make sure that if you are going to attempt some diy home improvement, that you do take your time so that you do not mess up the project in order to keep your budget in line.

The only other thing that comes to mind about the risks of doing some diy home improvement is that an inexperienced person may end up costing themselves more money in the long run because of possibly messing up a project. When a project is messed up to a certain extent, there may be a need to call in a professional which means you are out the materials you first bought, the time you spent, and you still ended up paying for new materials and for labor costs. Basically, if you want to dive into diy home improvement then you may want to do your homework first.

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2 months ago

The Ugly Duckling House - Atlanta-Based DIY Home Improvement Blog by Sarah Fogle

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2 months ago

Jaws 5 Coming Soon To A Theater Near You?!

Released in 1975, it's considered to director Steven Spielberg's first major motion picture that garnered both commercial and critical acclaim from all over the world, the gem that launched his career into what is today considered a remarkable list of successes. It was a film that defined suspense and terror in the truest sense, and it introduced viewers to a whole new world of fear lurking deep in the waters. Surely, this film made people think twice about hitting the beach for a swim. Originally based on a novel by author Peter Benchley, Jaws is a true horror masterpiece of cinema that, up to this day, still sends shivers down home people's spines, if it weren't for that really haunting score by composer John Williams. 40 years later, there have been talks of another sequel (Jaws spawned 3 of them, 2 of which were terrible) making its way to your local Cineplex. Would Jaws 5 suffer the same fate as the last 2 sequels and be left to wander in cinematic oblivion, or would it make the same impact its original predecessor made?

In the movie industry that is known as Hollywood, sequels equals big bucks, earning profitability for the studios that come up with such ideas, so it seems like a wise move to make another movie from this classic horror movie series. Could it be due to the success of the most recent killer fish satire, Piranha 3D, that producers and executives everywhere thought of resurrecting this once-thought-dead movie franchise? Is it going to be a direct sequel to the first 4 films, or will it be a remake of the original? Going the reboot route seems like the most likely approach, although we all know it's a hit-or-miss scenario for that idea, with the exception of a notable few (*cough* Batman Begins), and it usually does a disservice to the fans of the originals by replacing them with shallow story lines and cookie cutter characters that might belong more to a Twilight film instead of a serious genre-defining film, thus degrading the mystique that the classics established for themselves (yes I'm looking at you Joe Johnston for ruining "The Wolfman"). The point to making a direct sequel is to revive a dead franchise and see if it still has legs strong enough to carry the torch of its predecessors, apart from the most obvious reason which is profit, but considering Jaws had two lousy sequels, there's not exactly much to work with.

Jaws 5 is one movie currently in development which may have fans of the original look forward to, and one only hopes it doesn't go the direct-to-DVD route.

2 months ago

Metal Roofing Advantages - InfoBarrel

The roof is one of the most fundamental parts of a home. This is why such care and effort goes into selecting the perfect roofing materials. Many competing materials have been used over the years, each with their touted benefits. In the modern era, metal roofing materials have seen far greater use than in any other time in history. This is because new advances in materials engineering have allowed for superior roofing which keeps the many advantages of this category while minimizing the disadvantages. There are many excellent pros to installing metal roofing over other kinds.

Long Life Cycle

Metal roofing is famous for lasting longer than almost any other conventional roofing material. Their life span tends to be measured in terms of decades instead of years. The long life cycle of metal roofing materials translates directly in saved money and time since less replacement and maintenance will need to be done over the years. Metal lasts longer because it is resistant to many of the factors which cause other materials to fail, including mildew, rot, insects, and fire.

Lighter Weight

While it may not be intuitively obvious at first glance, metal roofing is actually far lighter than other conventional materials. While metals are denser than most other materials, less of them is required to do the same kind of job. Less total volume means less total weight. As an example, take concrete and tile. For a 100 square foot area of roof, concrete roofing weighs in at 900 pounds. Tile is less, but still hefty at 750 pounds. Metal roofing, on the other hand, is far less - a mere 50 to 150 pounds. The actual weight will depend on the material involved. Copper roofing and aluminum roofing can hardly be said to weigh the same, after all.

Energy Savings

Keeping a house cool navigate to this web-site is one of the biggest contributors to monthly energy bills. This is especially the case during warm summer months, or in naturally hot regions. Metal roofing materials actually reduce energy costs by keeping the house significantly cooler. Because metal is reflective, metal roofs don't absorb as much sunlight as other roofing materials. Less energy absorbed means less energy transmitted into the home. And that means less energy for your air conditioner to remove.

Lower Fire Risks

One of the great things about metal is that it doesn't tend to burn. Compared with conventional roofing materials like asphalt shingles, the risk is practically negligible. Even insurance companies recognize this fact, and many of them will lower their home owners insurance rates for those that have installed metal roofs. A lower risk of fire means greater safety and security for yourself and your family.

Lower Flood Risks

Flooding during heavy storms is always a concern. Even if your foundation in secure, you're still in trouble if your roof is susceptible to leaking. Metal roofing materials have a much lower chance of flooding than practically any other material on the market today. This is one of the reasons why they tend to be used on buildings with a low pitch to the roof. A lower flood risk raises your level of safety and security.